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Autism Treatment Programs










Beaumont Children's Hospital offers a number of clinical autism treatment programs for children on the spectrum of disorders. These services are provided by the Center for Human Development (CHD), the Children's Speech and Language Pathology Department and the Departments of Physical and Occupational Therapy and Social Work. These specialized autism treatment programs allow highly trained Beaumont professionals to individualize critical and timely treatment based on the needs of a particular child.

The multidisciplinary approach offered at Beaumont makes sure that appropriate assessment, diagnosis and treatment is available for families and children experiencing the challenging effects of autism.

By combining one or more of these many autism treatment programs, representing a variety of respected and differing approaches to intervention, Beaumont's experienced and highly skilled physicians and clinicians can modify treatment as a child grows, progresses and becomes more involved with family, friends and the educational opportunities in the community.

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Meet the Team

Beaumont's Autism Treatment Program includes:

Lori Warner, Ph.D., Director of HOPE Center

Jamie McGillivary, M.S., LLP, BCBA, Clinical Manager, GIFT and CARE

Dana Cohen, Ph.D., Director